The Dust Biters – Why brush my teeth if I’m going to bite the dust anyway


1st edition 2021
© 2018 1.German edition by Susen and Karsten Stanberger
© 2021 1.International edition by Susen and Karsten Stanberger
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Publisher: Zeitwertverlag, Recklinghausen
Cover designed and illustrated by: Karsten Stanberger Layout: Selma Anac, Carmen Fibranz
Author portraits: Carsten Nachlik
Print production: news-media e.K., Marl

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The Dust Biters – Why brush my teeth if I’m going to bite the dust anyway

ISBN 978-3-00-055189-4-0

This question from the eight-year-old, leukæmia-diseased Max was the initial spark that inspired this book. For two years, the authors collected questions from diseased children whose lives were about to be cut short. They wanted to know what kind of questions children would ask themselves when it was a matter of their own death and dying.

The results are a unique collection of extraordinary and inspiring questions.
The questions of these children are a gift. For each of us, they touch the fear-laden mortality of our existence in us quite timidly and cautiously. They have the power to change our perspectives lastingly on life and also on death. A deeply touching book.

With the proceeds from this book, the authors intend to support the various projects of the children‘s and adolescents‘ hospice work.

Customer Rewiews

”Although at first I was somewhat afraid of this topic, I cannot and will not set myself against the thoughts that the questions of these little heroes have triggered in me.“

(Andrea W.)

”The pictures and the questions are simply unparalleled. They touched the heart and left something behind. Thank you.“

(Chris R.)

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